Expertise in FPGA & Embedded Systems

Firmware Design & Verification


Providing outstanding FPGA programmable logic firmware design and verification services.




Specialists in FPGA programmable logic development from requirements capture of initial concept, through design, implementation and verification.

Key expertise:

  • System specification and design.

  • Implementation using industry standard tools (such as Vivado and ModelSim) and languages including VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog.

  • Software expertise for verification support (such as tcl, unix batch scripting or Python) or for application development using C++ or C#.

  • Verification using industry standard methodologies such as UVM and libraries such as OSVVM. 

In addition to our key expertise we have a wide range of skills covering both electronics and software as well as supporting skills such as Agile development methods, requirements tracing and many more.